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April 21, 2016

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Bryce and Hailey are a creative duo in their early 20's based out of Midwest Minnesota. They've been dating, creating and exploring together as a couple since 2013 and haven't looked back. They both share many passions. They love hitting the road, always traveling to new destinations and seeking any kind of adventure.


"People & places; the two things that inspire me so much. I love capturing and working with new people and exploring new places! Connecting with other creatives + traveling are things I always look forward to. I also draw a lot of personal inspiration from fashion based photography. I always find myself putting together new outfits and thinking, AHHH this is perfect for my next photoshoot. My personal style is inspired from bohemian/vintage looks. After every photoshoot, I'm always left inspired and ready for the next."

- Hailey Kneprath


When they aren't working at a coffee shop or cooking at a local restaurant, you will most likely find them at the skatepark, going to thrift shops, or shooting new videos for their Youtube channel. Bryce and Hailey both have a huge love for capturing photos + video on a daily basis. While Hailey pursues her everyday photography, Bryce specializes in lifestyle videography.

"My film work is greatly inspired by old things. I love antique hunting, building furniture out of reclaimed wood, and wrenching on my 1970 VW bus. When I shoot and edit a film, I want it to give off the same feeling you get when you see a rusty 50+ year old car drive by. You know that car has been through a lot, but it is still rolling doing exactly what it was meant for. I want my work to feel like that, timeless." - Bryce Miller