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April 21, 2016

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Adam Combs is a visual storyteller based out of Vancouver, BC. At only 17 years old, he has found his passion for portrait and adventure based photography & film-making. His upbringing in Vancouver has played a dramatic roll in the development of his work. He states "I grew up literally surrounded by large mountains and temperate rain forests and there is so much beauty in all of it that I can’t help but share it."


While the scenery he captures is truly spectacular, his work is far more than just a pretty landscape. Adam brings a unique eye to the forefront of scenic adventure photography. His perspective is always fresh while he strives to tell a story with every shot.


"I think the things that inspire me most are a mix between the places I’ve been and have not yet seen, my love for sharing these experiences with others, and then a whole bunch of super rad creatives whose work gets me stoked for this life that I get to live."


Feedback Straps is proud to feature this talented young artist. Follow him on his adventures into the wilderness posted on @adamcombs and enjoy his featured gallery below!