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I recently had the chance to chat with Langhorne Slim, singer-songwriter based out of Nashville, TN after catching his packed show at the Wonder Ballroom in Portland, OR.


This was a bucket list show for me, one of those artists that I had been listening to for a couple years, and just knew I had to see live. I showed up expecting an acoustic show, based on only having heard his earlier, Americana folk albums, and was met with an unexpectedly upbeat and energetic full band, including bass, drums, and keys. Slim explains his new direction of music as a breakthrough in the universe he has been in.  His performance was uninhibited and captivating, exuding the full freak that can’t be captured just in the studio.

Slim has always accompanied his heartfelt lyrics with simple chord progressions, and shared that he is now taking his first guitar lessons since his cousin taught him his first song on the guitar, Polly by Nirvana, when he was 13 years old.  


We talked a lot about inspiration and what keeps him going as a musician, and at the root of it was a passion that remains burning and needs to continually be pushed. He draws from the excitement and adventure that comes with a lifestyle that never stands still, and admits to feeling more at home on the road than anywhere else.


Check out his new album, The Spirit Moves, and catch a show on his tour, currently on the road with his band, Langhorne Slim and The Law.


- Sarah Peek

Live Show Photo Cred: Miss Ellanea / Vortex Magazine



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